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            Notre Dame de Namur University Reviews - Doctoral in Health Sciences

            4.58 out of 5 stars
            (63 Reviews)
            • Belmont (CA)
            • Annual Tuition: $16,208
            0% of 63 students said this degree improved their career prospects
            97% of 63 students said they would recommend this program to others
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            Student & Graduate Reviews

            5.0 out of 5 stars
            Dawn Marie Fiacco - 3/10/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 2022
            "My reason for choosing to attend NDNU and specifically NDNU's art therapy psychology doctoral program is because it is the only one in the country5360彩票平台. I received my master's degree in art therapy in 2005. There were no PhD programs in art therapy at that time. I am so very grateful to be able to attend an art therapy doctoral program that is in the bay area where I live, yes...but what is more important is that it is such a wonderful program. I began the cohort in fall of 2019, and I feel so honored to be a part of it. Art has been a vital part of my existence. Like so many others in the world art helps a person to understand themselves and the world around them more fully. Art helps those struggling with physical pain or mental pain. Art helps those returning from combat find a voice and art helps those who have trouble functioning in the world to function more effectively and efficiently through arts ability to relax the mind and body which in turn may increase longevity. That is why I am an art therapy doctoral student...to help others do the same. To get the word out there and to be a voice in the field among others and to help improve one’s quality of life. These voices need to be heard. Art therapy may give your sister with a terminal diagnosis a little more time here on earth. Art therapy may give a family member with debilitating pain a reason to get up in the morning. Art therapy may help that teenager with low self-esteem become more confident...down the road that teenager may make real positive changes in this world. We as art therapists can help these hurting people through in person care and also through our research. To not have a doctoral program in art therapy psychology means that we who have a voice and an avenue to write and contribute to the field in a meaningful way will be stopped before we even have a chance to begin. We who want to contribute to the field and help others find alternative ways of healing will not be able to do so. We (art therapy doctoral students) have so much to say and we are working hard to find new and original areas of research that have not been formulated yet. We need doors to be open in order to do this. We need NDNU to be open and functioning in order to do this. I believe that I am speaking on behalf of all art therapy students at Notre Dame de Namur University when I say that we are excited about having the chance to contribute to the field of therapy on such a prestigious level and that we would be devastated it we were not given the opportunity that each of us rightly deserves. It would be very sad, and it would be a shame to see the art therapy psychology department fall to the waste side. So many who may have been helped by our contributions to the field may never find the help they need. I have had professors such as Amy Backos, Richard Carolan and Lisa Hinz as my professors so far and they are all outstanding faculty members who go well above and beyond to make a difference for their students and their school."
            4.4 out of 5 stars
            Vannesa J - 3/2/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 2023
            "As a current student of the Ph. D Art Therapy program, I express my support and my  connection to the Art Therapy Psychology department. I am a transplant from Texas, I selected NDNU because of the Master's Art Therapy program and continued my education by perusing a Ph. D. The NDNU Art Therapy Department has been instrumental in the support with my degrees, tools, and resources. Due to the support, I currently work in the Bay Area and provide mental heath support, resources, and community education tools to our underserved community.  In a time of fear, political climate, and social injustices, the Art Therapy Department continues to plant seeds for a larger investment in the field of mental heath. The students of the program are part of a systemic change. Whether that be through community engagement, mental health awareness, advocacy, reasearch, and challenges to social injustices our country5360彩票平台 faces today. It is with my highest regard and responsibility that I continue to advocate for the future of the Art Therapy program that has shaped my life in more ways than I can count."
            4.9 out of 5 stars
            Pinar - 3/2/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 5360彩票平台
            "When I started NDNU as a graduate student, I had limited expectations. As a busy mom of two young children, I had to choose a school, which was close to my 5360彩票平台. I was planning to get my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and to start my private practice immediately. However, things did not go the way I planned as I fell in love with the school and with art therapy. NDNU is a beautiful school, but what makes it unique is the faculty. Dr. Carolan, Dr. Backos, and Dr. Sanders are exemplary professors and mentors, who continuously inspire and motivate their students. By providing a diverse and rich curriculum, the PhD. program in art therapy prepared me to be one of the pioneers in my field. As an ESL student, during my studies, I developed very important skills, which will serve me well not only in my private practice but also in my research career. I am truly grateful."
            3.9 out of 5 stars
            Serena - 3/2/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 2018
            "I have met some of the most wonderful, kind, and intelligent human beings in the Art Therapy Psychology Department. The classes are small but full of learning! The doctoral art therapy program hosted many world-renowned art therapists as guest lecturers, which taught innovative approaches to assist becoming better therapists and researchers. I was able to learn from incredibly skilled clinicians- both professors and classmates. I am grateful for the learning community within the Art Therapy Psychology Department at NDNU."
            5.0 out of 5 stars
            Heesu Jeon - 3/2/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 2022
            "I am an Art Therapy Doctorate first year student. NDNU Art Therapy Doctorate degree program has provided me with both practical and theoretical knowledges appropriate as doctorate level study. The faculty members has been very supportive in guiding all aspects of learning experience. The curriculum is well designed to provide and stimulate students learning experience as well. Knowledge and experience from NDNU ATD will definitely advance my career. I will recommend this program to any future students considering advanced education, doctorate level, in Art Therapy."
            4.9 out of 5 stars
            Lisa manthe - 3/1/5360彩票平台
            Degree: Health Sciences
            Graduation Year: 5360彩票平台
            "I am in awe of the support and mentoring by the faculty of NDNU that has helped me to grow and develop professionally. It is rare to find such knowledgeable and compassionate leaders who are also willing to journey with you as you develop your ideas. The faculty always encourage the students to actively help the field of art therapy evolve and develop. What an amazing experience!"
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