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            University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Reviews

            4.01 out of 5 stars
            (74 Reviews)
            • Ann Arbor (MI)
            • Annual Tuition: $47,476
            96% of 74 students said this degree improved their career prospects
            99% of 74 students said they would recommend this school to others
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            Student & Graduate Reviews

            3.7 out of 5 stars
            Sarah Limb - 12/18/2019
            Degree: Liberal Studies
            Graduation Year: 2018
            "Going to this University has shaped the way I currently view the world. Every student here is highly capable and while at times it was stressful to look around and compare myself to my successful peers, it was in turn what motivated me to do the same. While the school is largely liberal, the University prides itself in creating open-discussion dialogue. The safe space was not always felt by all students, and this is where I really saw the passion in students-- people were encouraged to fight for equalities and injustices. No matter your opinion, there is a group of activists who are already driving this change. It is truly a special place where I was constantly pushed to extend myself further, go out of my comfort zone, and educate myself on the world. Asking questions was always encouraged by professors, and I felt these 4 years of challenges have now allowed me to continue seeking the best in myself as I extend myself into graduate school and beyond."
            4.4 out of 5 stars
            Tae-Pyo Kim - 9/14/2019
            Degree: Political Science
            Graduation Year: 2019
            "The University of Michigan is known as the "Harvard of the West" and for good reason. It is an incredibly competitive school with excellent faculty and fast-paced classes. What I appreciated about Michigan in particular was the work-life balance that thrives there. Yes, everyone works really hard to achieve good grades in class but there is also a level of relaxation and rest. Ann Arbor may not be a huge city with a ton of stuff to do all the time, but it is a nice, safe, wholesome town. It was voted best city to live in in a couple of polls as well. I also love the sheer amount of opportunities the school provides to students in whatever interests you have. Whether you are interested in human rights or K-pop dance there is a student organization for everything. Internship and research opportunities are plentiful as well. Michigan is a place where everything is available to you, you just have to take the initiative and get what you want."
            4.5 out of 5 stars
            Taylor Henkin - 6/27/2019
            Graduation Year: 2014
            "University of Michigan alumni will collectively agree that Ann Arbor, Michigan is the greatest place in the world and that the University of Michigan is the greatest University in the universe. In addition to being a BIG 10 school, U of M contributes unequivocally in the areas of academia, school spirit, diversity, and overall culture. U of M offers studies in such a vast variety of subjects (including rocket science) and furthermore subcategories within those subjects. For example, within the vague field of Psychology, they are offer concentrations in various fields. Within my chosen sub-field, I also delved further into a SUB-concentration of Autism studies, where I was able to utilize said degree following my graduation in Case Management for the developmentally disabled population. The alumni organization is phenomenal and offers services well after graduation, including alumni social events or the alumni mentorship program. Even through LinkedIn, being a U of M alumni holds great significance and connections. The University prides itself of great diversity, which can be found not only in course offerings but the student body itself. The amount of student clubs and activities is endless and can include traditional hobbies (from Stomp to Ultimate Frisbee to a nationally-award-winning A Capella program), to the most unique activities, including Squirrel-watching. While politics and culture infiltrate the classroom and student body, the university encourages its students to engage in cordial and professional difference in opinion and meaningful discussion. U of M offers opportunities for every type of person, personality, or goal (academically, professionally, personally, socially, etc.). Though I may be biased, I truly believe that attending University of Michigan is the best choice a student can make. Forever GO BLUE!"
            3.6 out of 5 stars
            Jen - 6/26/2019
            Degree: Biology
            Graduation Year: 2017
            "I really liked the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) program. The program is still newer and is very small which was actually very nice in terms of being able to get to know the students and professors in the program. I learned about it my freshman year and immediately knew that it was the major for me."
            3.4 out of 5 stars
            Myrtes Moore - 6/25/2019
            Degree: Liberal Studies
            Graduation Year: 2018
            "The University of Michigan lives up to its reputation! It's a wonderful opportunity to get an education from such a prestigious school. The professors are very knowledgeable of the subjects they teach because they are tenured and work in their fields. Many of the professors are also very popular in their fields from making notable contributions. The U pushes its students for greatness, and allows the resources to do so. The school has also made some revisions for students of lower income: tuition is free for in-state students whose EFC is $65000 or under.* Without the burden of financial instability, students can put all of their stress towards exams! A major point of going to college in general is having a degree that's in high demand and that will have a high turn-around for job opportunities. My department, Linguistics, was very small. There weren't many opportunities for me there, especially outside of academia. This is also how the real world is. Nonetheless, Linguistics has a lot of cross-disciplinary professions - so I have hope, especially since the Alumni network is so vast."
            4.3 out of 5 stars
            Pratik Lakhani - 5/21/2019
            Degree: Environmental Engineering
            Graduation Year: 2016
            "The University of Michigan is an exceptional school. From amazing academics to a contagious school spirit, the school helped me grow both as a person and professional. Every student is motivated to do their best. As a student in the College of Engineering studying Environmental Engineering, the campus and the city of Ann Arbor became my classroom. My program explored local environmental issues and incorporated them into the curriculum making my education relevant and important. Although a large school, the College of Engineering administration truly cares about every student, and there are multiple resources available to help with anything anyone may need. If you want to attend a school with a perfect balance of social and academic life, then the University of Michigan is the college for you. Go Blue!"
            3.9 out of 5 stars
            Amani - 4/23/2019
            Degree: Public Health
            Graduation Year: 2019
            "The University of Michigan School of Public Health (U-M SPH) recently created an Undergraduate Program. I will be a part of the first undergraduate graduating class at the U-M SPH in May 2019. Overall, I am satisfied with the education I have received because I was able to bring the content I learned in the classroom to life in my extracurricular activities and service work outside the classroom. That said, the School of Public Health's curriculum is not particularly difficult, so my involvement outside the classroom was imperative to my undergraduate success. The curriculum in the program takes an integrative approach. Where other schools may have a specific biostatistics class or a specific community health class, the U-M SPH curriculum attempts to combine all of these concepts in each required course rather than separating the individual concepts. I think this is a good approach since public health is very interdisciplinary; however, organizing the curriculum in such a way can make the classes feel repetitive in nature. The elective classes, however, are really awesome courses where I feel like I have learned the most on specific public health topics. That said, the program is continuously seeking student feedback through course evaluations and group and individual meetings with the directors of the program. I do truly feel supported in this way at the U-M SPH. Additionally, since the U-M SPH undergraduate education program is new, there are a lot of opportunities to shape the program, provide feedback, and start new initiatives. There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in research at the school and U-M SPH resources such as financial aid scholarships for internships and study abroad are expanding each consecutive year the program exists."
            3.6 out of 5 stars
            Doris Lawrence - 4/23/2019
            Degree: Economics
            Graduation Year: 1993
            "The University of Michigan is an excellent if you are clear on what you want to study. The University has excellent colleges in business, engineering and education. You are able to take class in other colleges within the university. However, you must be self sufficient and self directed. The counseling staff will help guide you but you must set and reach your goals on your own."
            4.6 out of 5 stars
            Oksana - 3/30/2019
            Degree: Biology
            Graduation Year: 2017
            "My time at the University of Michigan was filled with wonderful experiences. Here, the microbiology program allows students to gain a diverse plethora of knowledge in and outside of the classroom. Coming from a small high school, the University of Michigan helped me to expand my world view and showed me a variety of possibilities through which I can impact the world."
            3.3 out of 5 stars
            Zo Faylor - 3/26/2019
            Degree: Creative Writing
            Graduation Year: 2016
            "I was initially dually enrolled but chose to only complete my Creative Writing degree through the Residential College. I loved the Residential College because of its small class sizes, and having the opportunity to work one-on-one with renowned writers. The University of Michigan is huge, so this is a great option for a more personable experience. The intensive language component of the RC is difficult however, so be prepared to work hard. The University as a whole has numerous resources: advising, services for students with disabilities, opportunities for research projects and extracurriculars. Make connections while you are there, take risks and get involved. Make the most out of it! My path through undergraduate education was not linear, but I will say that my biggest take-away post-graduation is to be financially smart about your education. I loved attending the University of Michigan and I love Ann Arbor. It is especially nice and quiet in the summer if you stick around. If you are unsure about your major, a smart option is to get your prerequisites filled at a community college (just make sure they are applicable/transfer). You can even take some online courses at WCC while attending the University. I am going to be attending a graduate program at The University of Michigan this year, and wish someone would have coached eighteen year-old me on the reality of student debt. Higher education is a large investment in both time and money, so be thoughtful about your decision."
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